January 2018

A Pause to Construction

All construction is at a halt due to the ground freezing. The project will resume in early spring, as conditions allow. Permits have been acquired so once the weather and ground conditions allow, there should be no delay in getting back to the construction. In the meantime, splicing continues within the central office.
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December 2017

Calling Rural Lanesboro

The AcenTek team has now begun calling our friends in the rural Lanesboro area to schedule home evaluations. These visits allow us to understand the layout of the homes so that we can best plan for how we will connect fiber to each.
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Progress in the Cold Temps

While some of the construction has been put on hold due to weather conditions, our mainline crew continues to work. We are pulling cable through the manholes on State Hwy 250, to eventually connect back to our central office. In rural Lanesboro, our crews will continue to use boring machines to run cables under the culverts, as long as the weather conditions allow.
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November 2017

Week 1: Construction

Construction began down Grosbeak from County 21 to County 12, along State 16 towards Preston and from Hickory Road to Grit Road. Twenty-five drops were completed in week 1.
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October 2017

Constructions Begins in Lanesboro

Construction began in rural Lanesboro today. You may have noticed many trucks around the Lanesboro area with cable spools and other large equipment used for boring the fiber in the ground. This phase of the process is a joint effort so you may see some workers and vehicles that are not labeled "AcenTek." We are working beside A&A Electric and Underground (contractor) and CNS (engineering). Construction will continue until the ground freezes.
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September 2017
The Kick-Off

The Kick-Off

Today’s “Golden Shovel” event marked the start of our fiber build in rural Lanesboro. Fillmore County presented us with a $75,000 check, signifying the support we have from them. This loan was given to us to help improve broadband access for those residents and businesses located in rural Lanesboro. In addition to receiving the check, Todd Roesler (CEO at AcenTek) and Duane Bakke (County Commissioner) broke ground with golden shovels indicating the start of the project. In attendance at toda...
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August 2017


Our team will begin doing home assessments next week, with construction to begin in October in the southern part of the Lanesboro exchange. A&A Electric and Underground will be the contractor on this project, also working with CNS (for engineering). The plan is to begin construction in September and continue until the ground freezes. Estimated completion date for the construction phase is spring of 2018.
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June 2017

The Process Has Begun

We are currently in the permit process for Lanesboro. Bidding will take place later this month.
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- AcenTek received a Border-to-Border Broadband Grant for the Lanesboro fiber project. This will help AcenTek with about 40% of the total cost of the build.

- 474 homes and businesses will be addressed with this project.

- Construction is set to begin after Labor Day. The project is expected to be complete in 2018.