No, we are still the same local company. We’re changing our name to better reflect who we are and all the new possibilities we can provide our customers.
Nothing at all. You’ll continue to enjoy all the current services you’ve come to love. And moving into the future, be sure to keep an eye out for new and enhanced services and packages available
We’ve evolved over the years, and we want our name to reflect that. We’re no longer just your telephone company—we’re so much more than that. We provide cutting-edge technology and unlimited possibilities to our customers.
Our new name is derived from the combination of the words “ascending” and “technology.” Ascending technology is what we’re motivated to achieve for you today—and into the future.
We are currently evaluating our services for both residential and business customers. Our goal is to guarantee the best value for your needs, ensuring we offer the latest technology available in our ever-changing world.
Yes, all locations will stay the same. You might notice a few upgrades in terms of signage, but rest assured, nothing is changing about our company internally. We simply want our name and our image to represent the possibilities we offer to you.