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 Local provider, for 65 years.    
Members earn yearly dividends.    
Has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.    
Has advertised price that is real. No surprises. No hidden fees.    
No yearly increases to make up initial savings from a promotion.    
 Has residential fiber options.    
 Has residential gigabit bandwidth capabilities.    
Awards scholarships and donates to your local organizations.    

The AcenTek Advantage:

Why choose AcenTek as your provider for voice, video and Internet? Because with us, the customer matters. We are big enough to offer you the best services, yet small enough to care about you.

  • Voice

    A clear, dependable connection that gives you security even in emergencies. Choose a package that best fits your needs

  • Video

    Ascend your entertainment with high-quality, all digital television featuring high definition, whole-home DVR, and more. More details about video

  • Internet

    Fast, reliable internet that keeps you connected. Learn more about Internet packages

  • Business Services

    A variety of solutions to fit all of your business needs. Learn more about a business solution that's right for you