30 October 2017

Constructions Begins in Lanesboro

Construction began in rural Lanesboro today. You may have noticed many trucks around the Lanesboro area with cable spools and other large equipment used for boring the fiber in the ground. This phase of the process is a joint effort so you may see some workers and vehicles that are not labeled "AcenTek." We are working beside A&A Electric and Underground (contractor) and CNS (engineering). Construction will continue until the ground freezes.


- AcenTek received a Border-to-Border Broadband Grant for the Lanesboro fiber project. This will help AcenTek with about 40% of the total cost of the build.

- 474 homes and businesses will be addressed with this project.

- Construction is set to begin after Labor Day. The project is expected to be complete in 2018.