Fiber Coming to New Albin in 2018
01 January 2018

Fiber Coming to New Albin in 2018

AcenTek's Fiber-To-The-Home project has begun in New Albin. Customers and non-customers in the area are currently being contacted to schedule a time for the team to do home assessments. This brief visit allows AcenTek to examine the connection to the home and decide the best route for connecting fiber to it. Home assessments are a very important step in the process of bringing fiber to a community because the visits provide the information needed for the construction phase. Non-customers in the New Albin area will also be asked to schedule a home assessment visit. This is a free visit, and does not require the home owner to subscribe to AcenTek services. 


  • 602 homes and businesses will be upgraded to fiber.
  • Approximately 120 miles of fiber optic cable will be installed.
  • Construction is estimated to begin in June and to be completed by September of 2018.
  • Customers will begin enjoying the benefits of fiber in the fall of 2018.
  • New Albin residents can expect to see vehicles/workers from AcenTek, CNS and Central Cable throughout the life of the project. CNS is the engineering company. The contractor for the project is Central Cable and all splicing and customer cut-overs will be handled by AcenTek.