Construction Begins in Rushford
08 May 2017

Construction Begins in Rushford

Construction began in the city of Rushford. You may have noticed many trucks in town with cable spools and other large equipment used for boring the fiber in the ground. This phase of the process is a joint effort so you may see some workers and vehicles that are not labeled AcenTek. We are working beside Central Cable, contractors out of Waupun, WI. We will be beginning on the north end of town and are moving south.


- 917 homes and businesses will be addressed with this fiber build

- Construction will take place throughout the summer of 2017
- Most of May will be spent on the north end of town
- June will be spent working near the middle of the town, those locations fed by the central office
- Work in July will include the area south of the school, east of Rush Creek
- August will be spent working on South Rushford Village

- Splicing will follow construction and will continue through the end of the year