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AcenTek Voice Mail service is easy to set up; answers when you’re away, on your phone, or on the Internet; allows you to check your messages from home or away from home; has no machine for you to maintain; and earns capital credits for members!

AcenTek has three plans available PLUS email forwarding with e-notification:

V-mail Basic

$3Per Month
  • 1 mailbox
  • 15-day message retention
  • 2 min. message length
  • 10 min. mailbox time

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V-mail Plus

$4Per Month
  • 3 mailboxes
  • Multiple greetings
  • 3 min. message length
  • 15 min. mailbox time
  • 15-day message retention
  • Pager & daily notification

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V-mail Executive

$7Per Month
  • 9 mailboxes
  • Multiple greetings
  • 6 min. message length
  • 30 min. mailbox time
  • 30-day message retention
  • Pager & daily notification
  • E-notification
  • Email as V-Mail as Attachment ($1.00 per month)
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Accessing your mailbox:

From the phone subscribed to the service:
• Dial XXX-9090. (See XXX codes below.)

From a different phone:
• Dial XXX-9090. (See XXX codes below.)
• Enter your 7-digit telephone number followed by the # key.
• Enter your password followed by the # key. (Default password is four zeros—0000.)

If you’re calling from a different phone that also subscribes to AcenTek V-mail, press the star key twice (**) to access the login menu to enter your mailbox information.

Setting Up/Changing Settings:
• Access your mailbox
• Press 9 for Mailbox Options menu
• Press 1 for Greeting Options
(disregard this step if you use the default greeting)
• Press 2 to change password (default is four zeros)
• Press 4 to change Auto Login settings
(Your service is set to automatically login to your mailbox from home without requiring you to enter a mailbox number or password.)

Retrieving Messages:
• Access your mailbox
• Press 1 to listen to New Messages

Message Options Menu: (all options not avail. on all pkgs.)
Press 1: play messages Press 7: skip back
Press 2: save message Press 8: pause or continue
Press 3: delete message Press 9: skip forward
Press 4: save as new msg. Press *: return to Main Menu
• Press 2 to listen to Saved Messages
• Press * to return to Main Menu

Changing V-Mail Answering Time:
• Pick up receiver and Press *96—listen for special tone
• Enter number of rings before voice mail answers (2-9).
Default is set to four rings.
• Listen for confirmation tone and hang up.

Note: All prices and services are subject to change.