AcenTek is unmatched when it comes to our commitment to the customer.

What makes AcenTek better?

Because we are local.

We are your neighbor. We live in your community. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible because we care about this area as much as you do. We are devoted to keeping you satisfied by providing you with a superior product and excellent service. National chain providers do not worry about the relationship between them and their customers. We do. National chains are not concerned about their reputation in small Midwest towns. We are. We have local roots and strong community relationships. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us better than the rest.

Because we are reliable.

We are equipped with an entire team of trained engineers, technicians and support staff to ensure that your Internet connection to the world is reliable. We understand that you need the Internet to accomplish many (or most) of your daily tasks and we realize the price tag that accompanies downtime. You lose productivity, the ability to communicate, ability to access the customer, and most importantly, revenue. In short, the success of your business relies on dependable Internet. We can help you with that. Not only will we help you determine the bandwidth you need within your budget, by offering you top-shelf security options, we’ll provide you with the peace of mind you desire. We are better than the rest because you can always rely on us.

Because we are responsive.

AcenTek is your local provider, so in the event we need to do a service call, that will work to your benefit. The national chains are simply not close enough to respond as timely as we can. We pride ourselves on addressing your issues in a time frame that is desirable for you. Strong customer service is essential for your business when you have an issue. In the event that the Internet goes down or a different problem arises, your business will benefit greatly from our responsive support team. We work hard to promptly provide you with the answers you need to get you up and running as soon as possible. Sometimes we can even do that from our location.

We are also responsive in regards to preparing for the future. As changes and advancements occur in how we provide Internet to businesses like yours, we are constantly preparing for the future. Your future. We invest in the newest technology so we are not only serving the needs of your business today, but also providing for your tomorrow. We are responsive to you, our customer. That’s what makes us better than the rest.

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