How to Program Your Remote

1. Turn on the TV.

2. Point the remote at the TV.

3. Press the TV button, then release.

4. Press and hold the SETUP button until the TV button flashes twice, then release.

5. Enter 9-9-1 (the TV button should blink twice) 

6. Repeatedly press the CH+ key, at a rate at about once per second. Stop when your television turns off.  (Your TV should not be changing channels during this step. If it is, start over beginning at step 3.)

7. Once your TV shuts off press the SETUP button, then release it to lock in the code for your device.

You will know that your TV is set up properly if you can adjust the volume with this remote. If the volume still does not work, repeat steps 1-7 again. If you are still having difficulty please contact our support team at 888-404-4940, option #2. 

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