Pay Per View

Who can order a Pay Per View event:
Any residential AcenTek video customer can order a Pay Per View event, as long you have to have an adequate credit limit set on your account.  This is something that you were asked about when you became our video customer. If you don’t recall if you set a limit, or what that limit was, please contact customer service at 888.404.4940 so they can check this for you. Your credit limit is reset on the 14th of each month. Changing this amount is easy and we’re eager to help. You can call our customer service team at 888.404.4940 during our regular business hours to edit your credit limit.

How to order a Pay Per View event:

1. Press GUIDE button.
2. Go to channel 801.

3. Use the arrows to scroll through the guide of available events. When you find the event you want to watch, press OK.
4. Arrow down to
BUY PPV, then press OK.
5. Enter your PIN number, if prompted. (Default PIN is zero.)
      *If you want to share this rental with other set top boxes on your account, arrow to SHARE, then press OK.
6. Arrow to BUY, then press

Please Note: You can cancel the purchase any time PRIOR to the event beginning. If you made the decision to buy in error and wish to cancel, please use the following steps:
1. Press GUIDE button.
2. Go to channel 801.

3. Use arrow button to select the event you have purchased, then press OK.
4. Arrow down to

When you can order a Pay Per View event:

You can order an event as soon as it shows up on the guide right up until until the event has ended. For example, if you forget to order an 8pm event and get home late, 30 minutes after it has begun, you can still purchase the event and be able to catch the remaining time left of the event.

Once an event has begun, you can watch a free preview (2 minutes) to help you decide whether or not to buy. You only get one  2-minute preview, which you can at any time throughout that preview window, or after it has ended, purchase the event. Push the INFO button on your remote during the preview to see the timer of how much time remains on your preview.

If you have purchased an event in error and want to cancel, you can do so right up until the event begins. If you wait until the event starts, you will not be able to cancel your purchase.

What you should know before ordering an event:
You will need two things to order a Pay Per View event: Adequate credit limit and a PIN number if you ever set one up.


Be sure to call in to our office (888.404.4940) to verify that your credit limit is set to allow for the amount you plan to spend on the pay per view event you are interested in ordering. If you have ordered another event within the last 30 days, you will want to verify that the amount remaining in your account will cover this program. For example, if you have a credit limit of $150, but three weeks ago ordered an event for $89.95, your remaining balance for the month would be $60.05. If the event you are trying to order today is $69.95 you may think you are fine since you know the credit limit you set was $150 but, in fact, you would not be able to order. Your credit limit is reset on the 14th of each month. Please keep this in mind. If you have any question as to what your limit is, we encourage you to call in to check a couple days before or simply use the following instructions to check your limit on your TV.

1. Press MENU on your remote.
2. Arrow to SETTINGS and enter your pin, if prompted.
3. Arrow to USERS. Your limit should appear on the right side of your screen. If you wish to adjust your limit please call our office during regular business hours at 888.404.4940.


When you first set up your account with AcenTek you had the opportunity to set up a PIN number on your PPV account. The default PIN is zero. This allows you to control who orders PPV events in your house. If you don't recall what that is, please give us a call at 888.404.4940 during our regular business hours. We’d be happy to help you.