TV is Displaying "No Signal"

There are three things you should check if you are seeing “No Signal” display on your TV screen:

1.)  Verify that there is POWER to the Set Top Box (Amino or ADB Converter Box)

2.) Verify the Set Top Box (Amino or ADB Converter Box) is not in Stand By mode by checking that:
- ADB: The green power light will be RED.
- AMINO: no light will be showing 
  If this is not what you find, simply use the AcenTek remote and push the CBL button.

3.) If neither #1 or #2 fixed the issue, most likely the TV Input or Source is wrong for the video signal
coming from the Set Top Box. To fix, press the Input or Source button on the TV remote (or TV’s
Brand name remote) to select the correct input. 
Example: HDMI 1 or 2, Component 1 or 2, Video 1 or 2, TV channel 3 or 4 etc.