Video On Demand

Rent what you want to watch without ever leaving your home.  No DVDs to return, no envelops to keep up with and no late fees to worry about.  The Video On Demand feature allows you to choose from a listing of popular movies or events within a moving library. Once you have purchased the video of choice, these selections will be added to your Rental Library and will be available for viewing for the allocated amount of time.



  1. Press the ON DEMAND button on your remote. Select the library of your choice by arrowing to it, then pressing the OK button.
  2. Once in the desired library, arrow to the show that you would like to purchase. The movie title, price, rental period, event description, rating and event length will be shown. If you would like to preview a trailer for the event, select Preview. To purchase the event, select Rent. Press OK.
  3. From the purchase screen, choose if you wish to rent your selection on the TV, or if you would like to share the rental with the rest of your Whole Home Group (all of the TVs in your home). Next enter your Purchase Pin and select the Rent option.
  4. Your purchased event should begin playing immediately. Press the Exit button on your remote control to return to your previously viewed channel.


  1. Press the ON DEMAND button on your remote. Press the Green button on your remote to select a rental. The Rentals screen will appear and will show you a list of your current event rentals, the price of each, whole home sharing ability for each and the date the rental will expire.
  2. Select which event you want to watch, then press the OK button to play the select.


  1. To search for a specific title, select the yellow button on your remote.  A search library screen will appear.
  2. Enter a keyword or title into the search field and select the yellow button again. Search results will appear for the keyword you entered.