November 2014

Who is AcenTek?

AcenTek is the same company we have always been for over 60 years, an ever evolving technology company, improving our offerings to our customers.

Since our rebranding in April to AcenTek, our employees have experienced questions from people in the communities we provide service to, about whether Ace Communications Group had been purchased. Ace Communications Group was not sold. AcenTek is a fresh new evolution of Ace Communications Group. Rest assured that the company with roots and contributions in your communities for over 60 years is the same company with the same core values that you have come to appreciate. The AcenTek rebranding is an ascending representation of the same company with the same employees that will continue to be your neighbors.

To better reflect our products and services, this transition took place once before in the year 2000. Our company name of Ace Telephone Association in Minnesota/Iowa and Ace Telephone Company of Michigan, was not aligned with the offerings of our company. We were no longer just a telephone company. To better represent our abilities and offerings we began doing business as Ace Communications Group.

Fast forwarding to today, “Ace” has made it a priority to stay current with our technology capabilities. This is demonstrated not only with our technology infrastructure, but also with a highly educated and skilled staff. We can confidently provide you with the most cutting edge products and services.

“Ace” is still part of our name, just as it has been since 1956. Our name has always evolved alongside of our offerings and vision of providing the most current technology to our customers.

AcenTek is not only “Ascending Technology”, it is representing the ascending company Ace.