March 2015

AcenTek Increases Local School’s Access to the World 10 Fold

AcenTek, a locally based technology solutions provider for 65 years, announced as part of their AcenTek Gigabit Neighborhood project, the fiber connected schools in their service areas will be upgraded to 1 gigabit internet connections with no increase in rates.

The second phase of AcenTek’s continuing fiber build out to their customer’s homes includes expanding the available bandwidth to the fiber connected schools in their communities to 10 times what they are currently receiving.

Todd Roesler, CEO of AcenTek stated, “Our AcenTek Gigabit Neighborhood upgrades are to insure our current and future customers have the bandwidth available for the ever increasing demands of technology. The bandwidth demands from our local schools are increasing at an even greater rate. We want to eliminate the school district’s concern from this trend. Providing our local schools with a connection to the world that is future proof and that provides them with an abundance of bandwidth is a crucial tool for effective education.”

AcenTek will be implementing these upgrades throughout the next few weeks. School districts included in the AcenTek Gigabit Neighborhood project are Houston, Caledonia, La Crescent, Rushford and Lanesboro in their Minnesota exchanges. Also included in the project is the Mesick school district in their Michigan exchange.