April 2019

AcenTek Featured in Business Brief by Allendale Chamber

Recently the Allendale Chamber of Commerce (Allendale, MI) released their first business brief video, which featured AcenTek. The video highlights AcenTek, the services we offer and our recent fiber build in Allendale. According to Janessa Smit, Executive Director at the Chamber, the inspiration for creating these business briefs is to give exposure to the amazing things that area businesses are doing. This exposure, in turn, contributes to a strong economy. The more exposure these businesses get, the easier it is for them to prosper and to fill positions when they are hiring. The better area businesses do, the better the residents feel about the community they live in and the opportunities that exist there.

AcenTek is proud to have completed our fiber build to the Allendale area, offering residents the fastest internet speeds available and allowing them the ability to watch multiple HD TVs, stream video content and game, all without any interruption to their service. Not only does this upgrade to fiber benefit our current customers, it helps to be a draw for those considering Allendale for their next home. In a world where reliable, fast internet is required for people of any age, AcenTek is proud to provide the best delivery method available. The best is fiber. Future residents (and potential businesses) who learn that this is a fiber community may find Allendale more attractive if they consider relocating here.

Check our business brief video on YouTube: youtu.be/itAVe-lLN3Q