October 2022

AcenTek Awarded Sustainability Award

AcenTek was recently awarded the Giant of Sustainability Award at Calix’s yearly learning conference. Thousands of people attended the ConneXions 2022 conference, which took place in Las Vegas in October.

AcenTek has made several changes recently in an effort to provide the best service possible to our customers. The result of these changes was energy-saving, which was the reason we were the recipients of the award.

We replaced our legacy networks. We also began using Wi-Fi devices, called GigaSpires, in customers’ homes. Both changes help reduce energy demand. We have eliminated 113 remote cabinets, which are the small enclosures which protect our cabling and equipment from environmental factors. These combined changes have cut the use of power by as much as 73%.

Corey Compagner, Operations Manager at AcenTek, was a presenter at one of the breakout sessions during the Calix conference. Corey spoke about how AcenTek chose Calix equipment to help us achieve our goal of providing unparalleled connections for our customers.

Calix is an equipment supplier and software developer for independent communications providers like AcenTek. We use Calix, a key vendor partner, to meet the technology requirements necessary to provide a better experience for our customers. This decision has helped us eliminate performance concerns related to our customers’ increasing technology demands. We are proud to partner with Calix to deliver the best products and services the area has to offer.