December 2022

AcenTek Awarded $3.2 Million Grant for Rural Dakota

AcenTek was recently notified that they will be awarded a $3.2 million dollar grant from MN Office of Broadband Development Grant Program. An estimated 486 underserved households, 34 underserved businesses and 88 underserved farms in Winona County will be receiving fiber optic services. Customers with fiber optic services enjoy faster internet speeds, more reliable services and experience no service limitations due to their remote location.

The total estimated cost of this fiber build project is approximately $8 million dollars. This grant will help with roughly 40% of that expense.

Building fiber to customers in very rural locations is extremely costly. Grants are one tool that AcenTek uses to get fiber to the customer faster. Receiving this grant makes it possible for us to build fiber to our customers faster than we had originally planned.

We are so grateful for programs like this that help us meet our goal of giving every customer, even those in rural communities, the very best,” says Mike Osborne, CEO at AcenTek.

AcenTek provides Internet, Voice, Video and Business Services to select areas in Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. Their headquarters are in Houston, MN, with technicians available in every community they serve.