April 2023

AcenTek Announces New Internet Speeds

AcenTek announced improved speeds on their Extreme Velocity Internet (fiber) package. The announcement came with the added perk of unchanged pricing of the package. Residential customers who have Extreme Velocity will get 500Mbps download with 500Mbps upload, an improvement from the 200Mbps they had been receiving. This change is a result of the company’s desire to stay ahead of the online demand in the customer’s home, while staying budget friendly. Customers with Extreme Velocity Fiber Internet will continue to pay $49.95/month. This upgrade, set to take place April 1st, will positively impact customers in Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan.

AcenTek also announced the roll out of an additional fiber internet package, Optimum Velocity. Optimum Velocity Fiber Internet will provide customers 750Mbps download speed, with 750Mbps upload for $64.95/month. The additional package was created to give customers a variety of internet options when it comes to both speeds and price.

The company recognizes the growing demand for reliable internet in the home. “We are always trying to look at our services through the eye of the customer. We consider not only how to provide for our customers’ needs, but how we can provide for their future, making us their choice as their needs grow. We are excited to give our customers better options, options that just aren’t available with our competitors,” said CEO, Mike Osborne.

AcenTek is an Internet, Voice and Video service provider, headquartered in Houston, Minnesota, with office locations also in Allendale and Mesick, Michigan. AcenTek provides service to residential customers, in addition to offering Business Services. With technicians available in every community they serve, AcenTek serves areas in northeast Iowa, southeast Minnesota and select areas in Michigan.