May 2023

Growing our Fiber Footprint

PICTURED: Our fiber project begins in Fort Atkinson. With the help of our partners, Cooperative Network Services (CNS) and West Union Trenching, the work began in town in early May.

The year has gotten off to a busy start when it comes to our fiber construction. The goal of AcenTek is to bring fiber to every community we serve. Due to the cost involved, we set a schedule annually that can accommodate both the personnel and financial pace available. This year is no exception with an ambitious list of projects to accomplish in each of the three states we serve.


The year began by finishing up our fiber project in Clermont, Iowa. Customers in the city limits had already been converted to fiber services, and by the end of January, another 300+ rural locations also became fiber-fed.

Meanwhile the work began in Fort Atkinson, Iowa. Everyone (customers and non-customers) was contacted to have home assessments done, which is the first step in our fiber process. Construction began in early May on the fiber build which will include 791 locations. Our tentative timeline is to have construction complete by mid-October. We plan to begin converting customers in Fort Atkinson to fiber services this fall.


Also in May, construction began in our Eitzen, Minnesota, exchange. The fiber build to our friends here includes 215 homes. The construction phase is expected to be complete in early August, with splicing and converting customers to follow.

In August we plan to begin Phase 1 of our fiber project in Harpers Ferry, Iowa. The fiber build in Harpers will include 247 homes. The construction is expected to begin in late August, with the hope of completing the project by December. Customers in this phase of our Harpers Ferry build could begin being hooked up to fiber services before the end of the year. Phase 2 of this fiber build will begin in 2024.