February 2024

New Area Code Coming to Minnesota

Forecasts suggest that the 507 area code will be completely exhausted by early 2025. To make sure new telephone numbers are available, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved the addition of the new 924 area code to the 507 area code region. This process is known as an area code overlay.

Adding the 924 area code will not require you to change area codes, but you will be required to dial the area code + phone number when calling local numbers.

Even though ten-digit dialing will not be mandatory until July 30, 2024, we encourage you to begin dialing in this manner, so it becomes habit before the mandatory change goes into effect. You may begin dialing 10-digits in February 2024. Telephone carriers may begin assigning telephone numbers in the new 924 area code starting August 30th of next year.

This additional area code will impact not only AcenTek customers in the 507 geographic area, but also customers of other providers. All telecommunication companies with customers in this area will be communicating these changes to their customers to prepare them for this change. We encourage all customers in this area to prepare for this change by updating any automatic dialing equipment (fax machines, burglar alarms, speed dials, call forward settings, etc.) to include 10-digit numbers.

If you have any questions regarding information provided in this notice, please give us a call or access the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission website at: https://mn.gov/puc/consumers/new-area-code-924.jsp. Expect further communication about this as the implementation time approaches.