June 2024

New Area Code Coming Soon

One year ago, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved adding a new area code in southern Minnesota served by the area code of 507. This change means callers will need to dial the area code plus the phone number when dialing. This change goes into effect July 30th.

Forecasts suggest that there will be no more phone numbers available to assign in the 507 area code by early 2025. To make sure there are new telephone numbers available, the 924 area code is being added. Dialing the area code plus the phone number will be required for all callers, not just those who are AcenTek customers.

While the change doesn’t go into effect until the end of July, we encourage you to prepare for it now. You
may place local calls using the area code now, and we encourage you to get in the habit of dialing all ten
digits before the change becomes mandatory. Also to prepare, check any equipment you have at your
home or business. Automatic dialing equipment, such as fax machines, burglar alarms, speed dials, and call forwarding, will all need to be reprogrammed to function properly after July 30th.

For more information on the new area code, visit the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission website at: https://mn.gov/puc/consumers/new-area-code/