Ten area ambulance services received $600 donations from AcenTek, in appreciation for the volunteer services they provide the communities they serve. Emergency medical services in Clermont, Harpers Ferry, New Albin, Ossian and Waterville, Iowa, all received $600 donations. In Minnesota, ambulance services in Brownsville, Caledonia, Houston, Ostrander and Rushford also received the donation.

The donations are made up of collections from the AcenTek staff and the board of director’s match. Each year contributions are made to local non-profits in the areas the company serves.

The donations were met this year with overwhelming cry for more volunteers. Several of these small departments are lacking volunteers and closure is possible if they do not get more people involved. The donations were met with gratitude; however, people volunteering is what many of these small emergency medical departments need the most.

“We feel passionately about those who volunteer to provide such an important service to the communities they live in and want to support them. We prefer to hand-deliver our donations, unfortunately, that is not always possible. This year we were able to meet with five of the departments we gave to. That, to me, is the best part. Not only can we express our gratitude in person, but we also get to hear about the challenges they face and the rewarding experiences they have had,” said Sharlene Schobert, Marketing Specialist at AcenTek, who distributed the funds on behalf of the company.