ExperienceIQ & ProtectIQ: Features

The AcenTek MyHOME App is FREE to all AcenTek Wi-Fi customers. The free app comes with many great features, but if you want more simply upgrade.

ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ offer even more in the way of parental controls and protection.

Free App

Free to all AcenTek
Wi-Fi Customers

  • Change or Reset Wi-Fi: Ability to edit SSID name and password
  • Create Guest Network: Create separate network for guests
  • Basic Parental Control: 
    • Create profiles, with name & image
    • Add/remove devices to profiles
    • Manually turn on/off profile
    • Schedule offline times
  • See Devices: See which devices are currently using Wi-Fi
  • Pause Internet for a Device: Disable Wi-Fi to a specific device to help you manage bedtimes or screen habits within your home
  • Bandwidth Test: Run a speed test straight from your router
  • Network Map


(Free to all Wi-Fi customers with Optimum or Maximum Velocity Internet)

Every feature in the free app, plus:

  • Block Content: Block inappropriate content by category, like porn or violence
  • Block Websites: Filter content by a specific website (allow or block)
  • Block Applications: Prevent your children from using apps like TikTok
  • Set Limits: Limit time per application, per day
  • Settings to Keep Them Safe: Set Safe Search and YouTube restriction to block inappropriate content while searching or watching videos
  • Prioritize Devices: Allows certain devices to have priority over others, like your work laptop during the workday
  • See All Usage: See total usage for every single connected device to better understand what is going on in your home
  • Ability to Receive Notifications
  • Filter Content VPN/Proxy


(Free to all Wi-Fi customers with Optimum or Maximum Velocity Internet)

  • Stops Hackers: Uses Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) to monitor, notify and prevent hackers from getting in
  • Watches for Harmful Traffic: Monitors your home’s incoming traffic to block anything suspicious
  • Stops you From Visiting Dangerous Sites: Blocks attempts to visit harmful websites
  • Security: Alerts you to potential threats and viruses that have been blocked or detected

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