Combination Technician - Mesick- MI


Combination Technician


In keeping with our mission for meeting the needs and expectations of our members and customers through providing high quality, reliable, competitively priced, essential telecommunications services and advanced services where justifiable, commitment to service excellence is expected of all employees as they perform their tasks.


Position Title:

Combination Technician





Supervisor Title:

Installation/Repair Supervisor


Installation/Repair Supervisor

Direct Reports:



1. 70%

Provide technical system service/support for the purpose of installation, maintenance, modification and repair of telecommunications, broadband and video equipment, products and/or systems. Tasks may include routing and placement of cabling, wiring, and fiber optics; physically installing equipment and components; troubleshoot and repair products and/or systems; splice copper cables and drops in pedestals and NID, splice fiber optic cable and drops at pedestals, hand holes, and NID; terminate ethernet and coaxial cables; configure and optimize customer premise equipment; inspect customer premises; provide solutions for the implementation of our facilities to the customer; test equipment; maintain excellent customer rapport by listening to and resolving concerns and answering questions; document and/or log equipment/system installation and/or modifications; install and repair fixed wireless services where applicable; perform all duties in accordance with all applicable OSHA and MTA safety guidelines. Monitored by the Installation/Repair Supervisor by direct observation, site inspections and customer feedback.


2. 20%

Perform maintenance and inventory of AcenTek equipment, facilities, and vehicles for the purpose of providing an organized and safe work environment. Tasks may include keeping supplies ready onsite and in vehicle by inventorying stock, placing orders, and verifying receipt; retiring equipment and assigning account codes; performing maintenance at remote sites to ensure they are in working order, clean and organized; maintain battery back up, generator, and fuel; upgrade internal equipment as needed and verify it is working; follow codes, standards and legal regulations; monitor network for equipment alarms and adverse trends; clean and maintain central offices, huts and peds; and ensure maintenance of vehicle. Monitored by the Installation/Repair Supervisor by direct observation and inspections.


3. 5%

Interpret network drawings and/or schematics and implement design parameters as specified for the purpose of ensuring compliance with codes/specifications. Tasks may include reading plans/blueprints; studying customer orders, manuals, and technical specifications; collaborating with engineering department and participation in pre-engineering walk through/home assessment; prepare repair/damage form; prepare an installation diagram; order and gather equipment, supplies, materials, and tools; and ensure compliance with building and electrical codes. Monitored by the Installation/Repair Supervisor through/by direct observation.


4. 5%

Conduct locates of buried copper and fiber optic cables for the purpose of protecting AcenTek’s plant from damage. Tasks may include advising customers of location of cables and mark and record location of buried cable. Monitored by the Installation/Repair Supervisor by direct observation.


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position includes full responsibility and accountability to the Installation/Repair Supervisor for installing and maintaining all aspects of communications systems to meet or exceed customer’s communication needs. Must be able to work independently and problem solve with a team. Provides informal training to customers. Must demonstrate time management skills to plan and accomplish assigned work.


Most duties are assigned then performer plans and arranges tasks in order to complete duties. Problem solving is accomplished by technician independently, most of the time. Most decisions not effecting other departments can be made independently in accordance with company policy. All purchase requests are referred to a supervisor.


Errors are easily detected and would result in minor clerical expense for correction. Errors may have significant adverse effect on external relationships and have a high probability of resulting in a loss of customers. Errors could result in liability and affect operating costs.


Daily personal and phone contact with customers.

Daily phone, email, personal, and some written contact with employees of all departments.



Required: High School Diploma or GED

Preferred: Associates Degree in Electronics or related field


One or more years of telecommunications or broadband experience



Decision making

Problem solving

Premise Wiring

Oral Communication

Customer Service




Valid driver's license and a good driving record, required.



Test Equipment

Cable Locator and splicer

Portable generators



Frequent demonstration of manual dexterity, bending, carrying, climbing, squatting, twisting, crawling, kneeling, and lifting is required. Must be able to lift to 75 pounds and occasionally lift/move 100 pounds or more. Must be physically able to climb ladders and crawl into awkward spaces. Must be able to work on utility poles for an extended time-Minnesota/Iowa employee only. Prolonged periods of standing/walking. Specific vision abilities required are close vision. distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception. Frequent use of computer screen required. Must be able to operate a bucket truck-Minnesota/Iowa employee only.


Ongoing training as required by the company and the industry required.


Regularly exposed to outside weather conditions

Occasionally exposed to high precarious places, moving mechanical parts, risk of electric shock, and vibration.

Working in customer home environments


Frequent travel by vehicle

Frequent Overtime

On call

This position is classified as essential regarding the critical infrastructure