Engineering Supervisor - Houston, MN


Engineering Supervisor


In keeping with our mission for meeting the needs and expectations of our members and customers through providing high quality, reliable, competitively priced, essential telecommunications services and advanced services where justifiable, commitment to service excellence is expected of all employees as they perform their tasks.


Position Title:

Engineering Supervisor





Supervisor Title:

Engineering/Construction Manager


Engineering/Construction Manager

Direct Reports:

Facilities Engineer

Facilities Coordinator

Cable Splicer

Outside Plant Coordinator/Splicer


1. 40%

Research and plan for future engineering needs for the purpose of developing better design and problem solving to improve customer services and AcenTek ISP/OSP. Tasks may include but not limited to preparing drawings, reports, specifications, and studies for construction of, removal of, or rearrangement of outside plant facilities. Supervise department drawings, analyze facility usage, and estimate or forecast projected traffic. Prepare engineering calculations following standard methods and procedures. Perform contract preparation, verification of material list and plant to be placed. Select routing of cable and fiber, estimate equipment, labor, and material costs, ordering materials and equipment. Perform route planning and high-level design and analytics, utilizing various map formats. Meet with stakeholders, obtaining easements, collaborating with other departments, external contractors, vendors, customers, and government officials. Adhere to engineering specifications and work authorization while assisting other departments and problem solving any issues. Conduct proactive reviews of outside plant facilities to determine necessary upgrades and enhancements. Monitored by the Operations Manager through evaluations and feedback, direct observations, and reporting.


2. 20%

Supervise and schedule the fiber/copper splicers and OSP construction in both regular and emergency situations for the purpose of ensuring work is completed correctly. Tasks may include but not limited to inspect work orders and work directly on projects. Inspect construction sites and resolve contractor/customer issues. Manage general contractors in constructions activities. Schedule projects. Verify tabulation of contractor staking sheets, ensuring compliance with industry specifications. Collect, assimilate, and manage data required for project, adhering to budget, schedule, and quality requirements. Maintain FTTH conversion records, mapping records, and billing records. Organize and file required paperwork and staking sheets. Monitored by the Operations Manager through project completion.


3. 20%

Leads, motivates, and develops the engineering department for the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement and develop solutions to meet engineering requirements. Tasks may include but not limited to planning, prioritizing and delegating work tasks, communicating job expectations to engineering team, establishing performance metrics, monitoring employee productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching, completing annual performance evaluations, setting goals for performance, developing and implementing training and quality assurance programs for new hires and experienced employees, ensuring necessary resources and tools are available for quality job performance, ensuring AcenTek’s policies and procedures are being followed and any applicable laws, developing and maintain processes and procedures for every day operations of department, communicating clearly and effectively, participating in the hiring of employees and determination of compensation, and providing leadership and feedback to employees to support problem solving and identify solutions. Monitored by the Operations Manager through goal evaluations and feedback, direct observation, and reports.


4. 20%

Assist with preparation and collaboration of Engineering budget. Tasks may include but not limited to develop annual budget and submit, schedule expenditures, assess and analyze budget to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize profits. Examine and interpret financial data, managing forecasts and direct cost control activities, prepare, submit, and provide support for budget enhancement requests. Organize materials, equipment, and projected labor cost toward sub-contractors for the purpose of repair and additions to the OSP. Review and approve all contractor/vendor invoices for accounting purposes. Monitored by the Operations Manager via verbal and written communication.


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position requires completing tasks with and problem solving with a team. Position requires delegating tasks to others. Position performs informal training/coaching of others as well as completing performance evaluations. Position requires effective communication and must demonstrate diplomacy/professionalism with AcenTek employees, customers, vendors, and contractors.


Most duties are self-determined, planned, and arranged by performer. Problem solving requires extensive knowledge (industry or technical). Most decisions not effecting other departments can be made independently based on company policy. Makes purchase decisions within budgetary limits. Is involved with decisions of hiring, promotion, transfers, and compensation.


Errors have a high probability of resulting in loss of customers and could cause improper utilization of labor, material, or equipment. Duties involve the preparation of data on which management base important decisions. Errors could result in liability and affect operating costs.


Daily personal and phone contact with customers.

Daily phone, email, and personal contact with employees in all departments and customers. Weekly phone, email, and personal contact with vendors/contractors.



High School Diploma or GED, Required.

Associates or bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field, Preferred.


Five plus years industry or professional experience, Required.

Previous experience with GIS systems, Preferred.

Strong MS Office Suite/AutoCAD drafting/database skills, Preferred.




Attention to Detail

Human Relations


Problem Solving

Decision Making

Oral & written communication


Computer-Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software


Valid driver's license and a good driving record, required.





General Office Equipment


Frequent demonstration of manual dexterity and visualizing of computer screen throughout the day, required.

Occasional twisting, squatting, bending, carrying, and lifting to 25 pounds independently, required.


Ongoing training as required by the company and the industry.


Office environment

Occasional outdoor weather conditions


Frequent travel by vehicle, Required

Occasional overnight travel and travel by air, Required

Flexible hours (Exempt), Required