I.T. Systems Administrator - Houston - MN


I.T. Systems Administrator


In keeping with our mission for meeting the needs and expectations of our members and customers through providing high quality, reliable, competitively priced, essential telecommunications services and advanced services where justifiable, commitment to service excellence is expected of all employees as they perform their tasks.


Position Title:

I.T. Systems Administrator


Information Technology



Supervisor Title:

Information Technology Supervisor


Information Technology Supervisor


Chief Operations Officer

Direct Reports:



1. 20%

Maintain Corporate Network Infrastructure for the purpose of providing highly reliable connectivity of corporate resources to employees. Tasks may include router, switch, and wireless network configuration, maintenance and documentation, across a multi-state enterprise network. Monitored by I.T. Supervisor


2. 20%

Implement and maintain corporate security for the purpose of protecting enterprise resources and property and to protect integrity of employee user accounts. Tasks may include performing regular security and software updates on all systems; administration of remote access systems and firewalls; Executing regular vulnerability scans and resolving issues uncovered; physical security of facilities such as door access system and camera system; create and maintain established security policies and procedures. Monitored by: I.T. Supervisor


3. 20%

Operate and Maintain Datacenter Environment for the purpose of providing highly reliable private cloud for enterprise and Service Provider applications. Tasks may include the maintenance of and continued development of the virtualization environment; monitor and respond accordingly to storage needs; maintain a diverse server environment including various versions of Windows Server, Linux Server distributions (RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu for example); stay current in trends of new technology available to enhance our virtualization environment. Monitored by: I.T. Supervisor


4. 15%

Provide I.T. support and training for the purpose of timely and professional resolution of both internal and external customer troubles. Tasks may include responding to Service Provider and Enterprise trouble tickets and service orders; creating and maintaining documentation outlining troubleshooting steps and procedures; training employees in various I.T. technologies and procedures that adhere to our best practices. Monitored by: I.T. Supervisor


5. 15%

Build, implement and maintain applications for the purpose of providing efficient tools and quality services to corporate users and customers. Tasks may include building, maintaining and monitoring Service Provider applications such as customer email, DHCP, DNS, and Radius among other public facing services; maintain and innovate existing corporate services such as network and infrastructure monitoring, communication systems, and enterprise information technology services. Monitored by: I.T. Supervisor


6. 10%

Research and development of technologies for the purpose of creating an environment of continual improvement and innovation. Tasks may include monitoring industry trends for emerging technologies; research and lab new solutions including but not limited to virtualization, storage, security, and automation; Work in conjunction with other departments to deploy new applications that help them improve their processes. Monitored by: I.T. Superviso


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position includes full responsibility and accountability to the I.T. Datacenter Supervisor to implement the company’s strategy for using/developing technology resources, ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely. Position is also responsible for clear communication within and across departments, problem solving within a team and independently, and utilizing negotiation, persuasion, and diplomacy internally and externally with vendors.


Most duties are assigned then performer plans and arranges tasks in order to complete duties. Problem solving requires extensive knowledge (industry or technical). Some decisions not effecting other departments can be made independently. All purchase requests are referred to supervisor.


Successful completion of essential job tasks protects the company’s technological resources, issues and changes, improves cost effectiveness, and ensures quality products, services, and customer satisfaction. Errors are easily detected and typically are in the next phase of operations. Errors may have a significant adverse effect on external relationships and result in a loss of customers. Errors may result in moderate monetary effect, could result in liability, and affect operating costs. Duties involve the preparation of data of which management bases important decisions. Errors could cause improper utilization of labor, material or equipment.


Daily personal and phone contact with customers.

Daily phone, personal, and written contact with employees within the company to complete work tasks, scheduling, delegating and prioritizing work schedules, checking status/progress, and obtaining or sharing information. Daily personal and written contact with all departments to ensure work is done timely and projects managed effectively. Weekly contact with customers to maintain relations and monthly contact with vendors.



Required: High School Diploma or GED

Preferred: Associates Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or a related field


Prefer 2-3 years of Information Technology experience

Telecommunications experience a plus



Human relations


Emotional intelligence


Decision making

Problem solving

Oral Communication





Valid driver’s license and a good driving record, required.


Windows Workstation administration, SIP based PBX systems, Cisco routers and switches, VMware or other virtualization platform, Cisco UCS, Hyperconverged Storage, Windows Server Administration, Microsoft Active Directory, and Linux Server administration.


Frequent demonstration of manual dexterity and visualizing of computer screen throughout the day, required. Occasional bending, carrying, twisting, turning, squatting, and lifting to 40 pounds independently, required.


Ongoing training as required by the company and the industry, including Cisco/VMware within 1 year of employment, and emerging tools and technology.


General office environment and traveling in all types of weather conditions.


Occasional overnight travel, required

Occasional air travel, required.

Flexible hours

Occasional travel by vehicle, required.

Occasional On-Call