Marketing Specialist - Allendale MI

Marketing Specialist - Allendale MI


Marketing Specialist MI


Our Vision: To provide unparalleled connections and experiences.

            Our Mission: To be the first – choice provider by

  • ENHANCING our customers’ lives with world-class services
  • EMPOWERING our employees
  • ENRICHING our communities, large and small


Position Title:

Marketing Specialist


Sales & Marketing



Supervisor Title:

Marketing & Sales Manager


Marketing & Sales Manager

Direct Reports:



1. 40%

Conduct and manage evaluation of marketing campaigns/efforts for the purpose of maintaining and/or improving the effectiveness of our marketing. Tasks may include but are not limited to tracking, evaluating, and reporting on marketing initiatives such as; the SMO and SEM influence; search engine and web traffic analytics (SEO, SMO, SEM); improve SEO results for AcenTek; implement and optimize analytic tools to track behavior of website visitors; forecast and analyze sales trends via performance metrics, marketing strategies, and evaluate product performance; prepare and present marketing reports; make recommendations based on analysis; and perform customer and marketing research. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via monitored performance indicators.


2. 25%

Represent AcenTek in community events for the purpose of creating relationships within our servicing areas and reinforcing our branding. Tasks may include coordinate, organize and attend community meetings and events; evaluate effectiveness of such meetings/events; collaborate with economic organizations; create and maintain a positive public image; purchase door prizes and attendance gifts; participate in parades and attend trade shows/community fairs and/or organization events as requested. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via weekly meetings related to scheduled activities.


3. 10%

Develop and maintain company intranet website and company public website for the purpose of promoting AcenTek’s brand, attract visitors and potential customers, internal communications, and generate sales. Task may include but are not limited to plan and create website/intranet content; implement, maintain, and revise online marketing campaigns/strategies; collaborate with other departments; perform website content maintenance; and maintain current knowledge of trends and developments in online marketing. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via weekly meetings related to scheduled activities.


4. 5%

Produce Marketing and promotional materials for the purpose of generating sales, reinforcing AcenTek branding and creating relationships internally and externally. Tasks may include define and manage AcenTek’s brand; copywrite, design, create and produce promotions, pricing, brochures, post cards, billing inserts, forms, and packaging for AcenTek products and services; develop general mailings and radio ads; develop and submit press releases; present design ideas and recommendations to Marketing Manager or others as requested; and create documents, presentations, etc. for other departments as requested. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via weekly meetings related to scheduled activities.


5. 5%

Perform logistics for marketing department for the purpose of coordinating and/or delivering all creative materials for their intended purpose. Tasks may include but are not limited to managing sales/support/communication resources related to customers and employees; oversight of outside vender/agency utilizations; manage informational pages and advertisements for phone books for all locations; create/maintain promotional/communication-based tools to enhance efficiency of delivery; maintain relationships with our customers via the administration of social media sites; purchase prizes/gifts; participate in annual meeting setup; and coordinate parade entrances and participation. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via scheduled projects on our Marketing Workload Schedule.


6. 5%

Evaluate current product offerings annually for the purpose of maintaining a competitive edge. Tasks may include but are not limited to leading group value proposition exercises, evaluating value proposition findings, recommending product changes, additions or proposed new products, competitive analysis. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via completion of defined scheduled activities.


7. 5%

Administer AcenTek’s donations and sponsorships for the purpose of supporting our communities we provide our services in. Tasks may include collecting donation/sponsorship/advertising requests; making recommendations; collaborating with customers/organizations; creating press releases; maintain data of all donations; and assemble donation baskets/gifts. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via our marketing budget worksheet.


8. 5%

Administer, organize, and maintain network content on AcenTek’s Video Services. Tasks may include administering blackout requirements, coordination of content lineup changes, managing contract information and notification of expiring agreements. Monitored by the Sales & Marketing Manager via weekly meetings related to scheduled activities.


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position includes full responsibility and accountability to the Sales & Marketing Manager to design, create, and deliver marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of company products and services. Position requires excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work well with a team. Requires effective communication with customers, co-workers, and other departments. Must demonstrate adaptability and flexibility.


Most duties are self-determined, planned, and arranged by performer. Problem solving is accomplished in conjunction with supervisor. Decisions are consistently reviewed by others. All purchase requests are referred to supervisor.


Errors are easily detected and would result in minor clerical expense for correction. Errors may have significant adverse effect on external relationships.


Daily phone, email, personal, and some written contact with employees within the company.

Daily phone, email, personal and written contact with all departments.

Monthly email contact with customers.

Monthly phone and email contact with vendors.



Required: Required High School Diploma or GED

Preferred: associate degree or bachelor’s degree in graphic design/marketing or related field


Required: Graphic design, copywriting, promotional campaign design and implementation.

Preferred: Web design and implementation, web/social media analytic analysis, Adobe Cloud Suite design program experience.



Human Relations

Public Relations


Decision Making

Problem Solving

Oral & Written Communication


Detail Oriented

Project Management


Valid driver’s license


General office equipment.


Frequent demonstration of manual dexterity and visualizing of computer screen throughout the day required.

Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer

Occasional twisting, turning, and lifting to 15 pounds


Ongoing training, as required by the company and the industry.


General office environment


Occasional overnight travel, required

Occasional travel by vehicle, required.