Outside Plant Facilities Engineer - Allendale, MI


Outside Plant Facilities Engineer


In keeping with our mission for meeting the needs and expectations of our members and customers through providing high quality, reliable, competitively priced, essential telecommunications services and advanced services where justifiable, commitment to service excellence is expected of all employees as they perform their tasks.


Position Title:

Outside Plant Facilities Engineer





Supervisor Title:

Engineering Supervisor


Engineering Supervisor/Operations Manager

Direct Reports:



1. 60%

Designs, plans, and implements telecommunications distribution projects for the purpose of providing exceptional services. Tasks may include but not limited to preparing site drawings and construction drawings for various telecommunications facilities, performing cost studies, assisting with budget prep, preparing permit drawings and completing paperwork as required, interpreting codes, standards, requirements, and guidelines to complete assigned projects, interpreting engineering drawings and assisting with layout/design of engineering work for construction, preparing and publishing detailed documents for telecommunication infrastructure that include required routes, circuiting/pairing assignments, completing as built documentation and associated mapping details, staking routes, completing staking sheet and unit reference, creating and planning cut sheets, creating and maintaining cut sheet templates, creating and/or assisting others in creating or maintaining FTTH project documents, coordinating with engineering firm on project planning, project staking, and ongoing updates and progress related to plant turnover, collaborating with contractors and supervising ongoing construction projects, advancing orders through engineering stage, maintaining and updating project tracking documents, preparing bid sheets and contracts for construction and facilities acquisition, ensuring that standards and policies are being followed for safety, installation, modification, quality control, testing operating procedure, inspection, cut sheets, and maintenance of equipment; negotiating and documenting right-of-way for the placement of telecommunications cable and loop electronics with private individuals and government agencies, assisting with scheduling of projects, and participating in meetings pertinent to construction projects. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor via direct observation, meetings, and review of projects.


2. 25%

Performs plant updates and assists with the service order process for the purpose of supporting improved product offerings. Tasks may include but not limited to entering new plant and removing old plant from SDP (Service Delivery Provisioning), retiring old plant, updating changes on DSLAM records, creating and/or assisting with completion of service orders for installing or changing customer services, gathering necessary information, processing work orders to install new fiber or copper facility to address, assigning new copper or fiber plant, changing existing services collaborating with other departments, providing reports as requested scheduling splicers for new services, scheduling maintenance of copper and fiber plants, and interacting with customers to resolve issues. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor via feedback.


3. 15%

Operates mapping system for the purpose of maintaining accurate records and providing information for techs and splicers to perform their duties. Tasks may include but not limited to completing or assisting others with map posting and updates, providing required documentation, updating electronic mapping, verifying if prints from electronic mapping match prints from consulting engineers, updating, or changing pay units for mapping and staking process, assisting with year-end and regulatory reporting requirements, and importing and exporting maps for timely updates. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor through direct observation and reports.


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position includes full responsibility and accountability to the Lead Engineer/ Engineering Supervisor. Position requires effective communication and problem solving with a team. Must demonstrate ability to obtain information from others and delegate tasks as needed.


Most duties are assigned then performer plans and arranges tasks to complete duties. Problem solving is accomplished by performer independently most of the time. Some decisions not effecting other departments can be made independently. All purchase requests are referred to the Supervisor.


Errors are easily detected and would result in minor technical expense for correction. Most work is verified, and errors usually impact a single department or phase of organization.


Daily personal and phone contact with customers.

Daily phone, email, and personal contact with employees in all departments. Weekly contact with customers and monthly contact with vendors.



High School Diploma or GED, Required.

Associates or bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering or related technology field, Preferred.


Intermediate knowledge of telecommunications industry standards and practices, Required

Thorough understanding of telecommunications outside plant construction and maintenance, Required.

Five years’ experience with electronic drafting/mapping systems, Preferred.



Attention to Detail

Human Relations



Problem Solving

Decision Making

Oral Communication


Computer-Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software




Valid driver's license and a good driving record, required.





General Office Equipment

Digital or Satellite Measuring Systems


Frequent demonstration of manual dexterity and visualizing of computer screen throughout the day, required.

Occasional twisting, squatting, bending, carrying, and lifting to 25 pounds independently, required.


Ongoing training as required by the company and the industry.


Office environment

Outside weather conditions

Exposure to moving mechanical parts

Uneven terrain

Exposure to loud noise


Occasional travel by air and vehicle, required.

Occasional overnight travel, required.