Underground Crew Foreman - Allendale MI


Underground Crew Foreman


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Position Title:

Undgerground Foreman





Supervisor Title:

Engineering Supervisor


Engineering Supervisor


Engineering/Construction Supervisor

Direct Reports:



1. 40%

Complete and plan daily production of OSP drop production for the purpose of ensuring work is completed in compliance with project specifications and safe work practices. Tasks may include but are not limited to ensure project requirements are met; submit accurate and timely production reports; lead crew assignments including daily work assignments, path determination, and communication with crew, customers, and public; provide on the job training and feedback to OSP Installation Technicians; and interpret and implement design drawings and return as built drawings to engineering. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor by direct observation and reports.


2. 30%

Inspecting and repairing underground facilities as needed to help ensure a continued high standard for AcenTek’s underground plant facilities. Tasks may include routine maintenance activities of Outside Plant pedestals; grounding and bonding, demarcation points performing temporary and permanent repairs of small copper cables. Monitored by the Constructions Supervisor through direct inspection and plant sheets returned.


3. 10%

Administer daily and weekly reports for inventory and job tracking of Acentek underground projects. Tasks may include but are not limited to collaborating with Engineering and Purchasing departments to ensure materials are requisitioned correctly and billed to the correct work codes; ensure materials are returned to inventory; Perform As-Built and documentation of daily production, coordination, and planning with the Engineering Supervisor to ensure crew is achieving production goals. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor by direct observation.


4. 10%

Perform site assessment documentation and ensure locates and site inspections are performed prior to project start for the purpose of reducing liability for Acentek. Tasks may include but are not limited to place one call tickets and document of such for each job site; inspect site and video record if necessary; complete documentation and report any damage to all required stakeholders; and guide crew members in damage prevention methods. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor by direct observation and reports.


5. 5%

Maintain performance of all vehicles/trailers/equipment for the purpose of ensuring safe operations. Tasks may include but are not limited to ensure compliance with manufacturers recommended schedule of maintenance; ensure vehicles and equipment are clean and appearances are maintained; ensure tools and electronics are kept locked and stored in a safe manner; and perform minor troubleshooting and repairs. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor by direct observation and documentation.


6. 5%

Provide technical system service/support for the purpose of installation, maintenance, modification, and repair of telecommunications, broadband and video equipment, products and/or systems. Tasks may include but are not limited to routing and placement of cabling, wiring and fiber optics; installing equipment and components, troubleshoot and repair products/systems; splice copper or fiber optic cables and drops in pedestals and NID, and provide excellent customer service. Monitored by the Engineering Supervisor via feedback from I/R department.


(Continually looks for new and improved ways of completing the above functions. Other tasks as assigned by supervisor will be performed in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.)



This position includes full responsibility and accountability to the Engineering Supervisor to ensure all work is installed/maintained in accordance with AcenTek safety and quality requirements/standards. This position requires collaboration and problem solving with a team daily and formal delegation of tasks to others. It also requires informal training/coaching of others. Responsible for negotiation, persuasion, and diplomacy with customers and vendors.


Most duties are assigned then performer plans and arranges tasks to complete duties. Problem solving is accomplished by performer independently most of the time. Some decisions not effecting other departments can be made independently in accordance with company policy. All purchase requests are referred to supervisor.


Errors are easily detected and may have significant adverse effect on external relationships. Errors may result in substantial monetary effect and could cause improper utilization of labor, material, or equipment. Errors could result in liability and affect operating costs.


Daily phone, personal, and some written contact with all employees and customers.

Monthly contact via phone, face to face, or in writing with all vendors.



Required: High School Diploma or GED


Prefer 5+ years Underground Construction

Prefer 2-3 years directional boring experience



Decision making

Problem solving

Oral Communication




Attention to Detail


Knowledge of equipment operation and basic mechanical skills

Premise Wiring


Valid driver’s license and a good driving record, required.

Michigan CDL Required


Proficient utilizing Directional drill

Proficient with excavator

Proficient with drop plow


Test Equipment



Frequent visualizing of computer screen throughout the day, required.

Frequent driving, standing, bending, carrying, twisting, turning, squatting, and lifting to 75+ pounds


Ongoing training as required by the company and the industry, including Telecom Construction within 1 year.


Position requires exposure to outdoors in all weather conditions



On Call

Travel by vehicle