AcenTek Wi-Fi      $4.95/month


AcenTek Wi-Fi lets you connect as many devices as you want throughout your home. A device, called a GigaSpire, is installed in your home. The GigaSpire will allow your devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. With AcenTek Wi-Fi you will receive unrivaled Wi-Fi service throughout your home.


When you subscribe to AcenTek Wi-Fi you get peace of mind. Wireless routers require ongoing software updates to minimize security risks and address any functionality issues they might have. AcenTek Wi-Fi service takes the worry and headache away. We provide automatic updates as technology changes. We also have local tech support, should you ever need us.


As an AcenTek Wi-Fi customer, you will also have access to a free app that helps you control your Wi-Fi. The AcenTek MyHOME app gives you a snapshot of your network. View all connected devices, set basic parental controls and create a guest network.


You can upgrade your Wi-Fi experience by adding more control. If you subscribe to either Optimum or Maximum Velocity Internet, you will get ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ free!

ExperienceIQ  $4.95/month

With ExperienceIQ you will be able to prioritize devices so that your work laptop gets the bandwidth you need over the gamers in the next room. You can also filter content on your children’s devices, check usage, turn off (or pause) Wi-Fi, and more.  If you subscribe to Optimum Velocity or Maximum Velocity Internet, this is included at no additional fee.

ProtectIQ  $4.95/month

Like a lock for your network doors, ProtectIQ blocks hackers, intrusions, viruses and malware on all devices, including smart thermostats, video doorbells, smart TVs, smart appliances and more. If you subscribe to Optimum Velocity or Maximum Velocity Internet, this is included at no additional fee.

What you should know about your Wi-Fi Service

Interference can impact your signal strength

Bluetooth devices, smart TVs, other televisions, certain walls and cordless phones are just a few causes of physical and radio frequency interference. Your neighbors and their wireless networks can also interfere with yours. This is because they can generate potential noise on the same frequency as your Wi-Fi.

Your service is designed to provide service to your main living area

The areas of your home that are further away from the main living area, potentially, may not get the same level of service.

Real world factors affect your speed

When multiple devices are connected to your wireless modem, the speed is shared. Obstacles, electronics and other neighboring wireless networks causing interference could impact your speed. Devices have a maximum speed listed on their packaging. Keep in mind that those speeds are theoretical and can be misleading because they do not take into effect the real world factors listed here. For this reason, AcenTek cannot guarantee your Wi-Fi speed. For example, a device could list a maximum speed of 11Mbps but in an average real-world setting that device might only be able to achieve 2-3Mbps.

Additional Access Points available

Some homes, because of size or building materials, require additional Wi-Fi access points for greater coverage. If there is a need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage beyond the coverage of a single access point, we are happy to accommodate you by adding additional access points. Additional access points are $4.95/month per point.