DVR allows you to take control of what you watch, when you watch it. Record any program with the touch of a button and watch when it is most convenient for you. AcenTek offers Whole Home DVR, which is a system that allows all the set top boxes in your home to have recording and playback capability for all of your recorded content. Our standard Whole Home DVR Service package allows for up to 4 shows to be recorded at the same time. However, if you find you need to record more than 4 shows at once, AcenTek offers 8 and 12 stream packages which also include more storage.

4 Streams, 250G $9.95/month

Storage for approximately 108 hours of HD content, or 199 hours of SD content

8 Streams, 500G $14.95/month

Storage for approximately 217 hours of HD content, or 398 hours of SD content

12 Streams, 1T $19.95/month

Storage for approximately 433 hours of HD content, or 795 hours of SD content