One of the many advantages of having AcenTek MyTV Video solution, is the lack of equipment and monthly fees that go with it. Our streaming solution allows you to watch your favorite channels, plus stream other services, all with the convenience of one remote. Compatible devices include the Amazon Firestick, Roku and Apple TV. Customers may purchase the remote of their choice at any retail outlet. The Firestick remote is available for purchase through AcenTek.

Firestick Remote   $49.95
Compatible Devices:

Amazon Fire TV: Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Mas, Fire Cube Gen 2, Fire TV Stick Gen 2, Fire TV Gen 3

Roku: Express 3900X, Premium 3920X, Streaming Stick 3810X, Ultra 4640X

Apple TV: Gen 4 HD and newer, Gen 1 4K and newer

Tables/Phones: Android tablets and phones (version 8 or newer), Mac IOS Tables and phones (version 14 and newer), Google Chromecast

Traditional Video

If you are interested in the more traditional video service that AcenTek has offered in the past, it is still available to you with the necessary equipment. This will add a monthly fee for rental of the needed equipment.

Set Top Box (each)   $7.99/month