Streaming TV

AcenTek MyTV

We are excited to offer you streaming options for your AcenTek video. As streaming becomes more and more popular, AcenTek is offering you a way to combine your viewing preferences of traditional video with the option to stream other content, all within one platform.

If you already stream, MyTV is perfect for you! Easily switch between streaming services and AcenTek video without having to change inputs. If you are new to streaming, MyTV is (also) perfect for you! With a guide that looks very similar to what you’re used to with traditional video, the transition will be quick and painless. As you become a streaming pro, this platform will allow you to easily add other streaming services with no learning curve for how to navigate it.

  • Enjoy high-definition clarity of everything you watch.
  • AcenTek MyTV customers will enjoy DVR options, allowing you to record up to 12 shows simultaneously.
  • One of the best parts about it is you don’t need all the equipment that traditional video products require. No set top box, which means no monthly equipment fee!
  • Lookback TV
  • Live TV
  • Enjoy multiple streaming services all with the convenience of one remote. No need to change inputs.
  • Enjoy AcenTek MyTV from any location in your home that is Wi-Fi connected.

Customers must have AcenTek Internet, plus adequate Wi-Fi in order to enjoy AcenTek MyTV Video service. AcenTek MyTV Video service is compatible with Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and Apple TV. Customers will need one of those remotes in order to use MyTV. (Amazon Fire Sticks are available for purchase through AcenTek.)