The Process


The first step is to get an overview of the project. An engineering team, hired by AcenTek, goes into the community and reviews the layout of the homes/businesses to determine the projected cost in time and materials.


The next step is performing home assessments at every home and business. Home assessment visits are brief and are set up at the convenience of the home/business owner. The goal of this brief visit by AcenTek is to determine where the fiber optics will enter the home. Drawings and notes are made for each home/business, to be referenced at time of construction. Home assessments need to be done for every location, even if the owner is not an AcenTek customer. Even if you’re not going to subscribe to AcenTek services, having fiber fed to your home increases the value of it should you ever decide to sell your home.


Next is the construction phase. This is where contractors are on location, with all the necessary equipment, and begin replacing the copper facility with fiber optics. Our contractors work carefully with the home owners, referring closely to any notes that were made during the home assessment visit. Careful work is done around landscaping and any cement pads to cause minimal disruption to the property. At every address, the owner is involved in the decisions that are involved during the actual construction, to ensure satisfaction.


The final step in the fiber build is to install the services to the home. This step simply involves making the connection inside the home so the services are fed by fiber.