May 2018

AcenTek Donates to Area Ambulance Services

Earlier this month, AcenTek presented the ambulance services in Ossian, Clermont, New Albin, Harpers Ferry and Waterville were presented with $500 donations in appreciation for the volunteer services they provide the community. Each location was visited by technicians from AcenTek who delivered the donation, along with their appreciation for the work they do.

Headquartered in Houston, MN, AcenTek offers their non-uniformed employees the opportunity to donate $1 every Friday in return for the option of wearing jeans. The “Casual Day” funds are then matched by the company and then donated to local volunteer-based organizations in the communities they serve. This year, the emergency services in their Iowa territories were the recipients of the funds.

“The emergency services are an essential part of our communities. The way these people selflessly volunteer to help others during their worst hour is nothing short of commendable. As a business that serves these communities, we want to not only offer our thanks, but also help these departments purchase what they need to do their job. I am proud of our staff for choosing to donate to the EMS located in Iowa this year,” says Todd Roesler, AcenTek’s CEO.

At each location visited, the volunteers met AcenTek with gratitude and a plan for how the funds would be spent. The Ossian Ambulance Services plans to use their donation to help with the cost of replacing routine supplies while the Clermont Ambulance Services will put their donation towards the purchase of a new defibrillator. The New Albin Ambulance Services has already purchased a new portable suction unit. The Harpers Ferry Ambulance Services plans to use their donation to help with the expense of a new blood pressure machine and the ambulance services in Waterville will use their donation towards the purchase of a new ambulance.

AcenTek is proud to donate to area emergency service organizations and encourages other businesses to do the same.


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