Choice Package

Choice Package $8.95/month

The Choice package includes over 15 phone features that will save you time, and customize your phone to operate exactly as you prefer.

Call Waiting
When you are already on the phone, Call Waiting alerts you that another call is coming in.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding transfers (forwards) your incoming calls to another telephone number of your choice.

Call Forward No Answer
Call Forwarding No Answer allows you to have your calls automatically forwarded when you are unable to answer your phone.

Call Forward Busy
With this service, your incoming calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice if you are on the phone. (If forwarded to a long distance number, long distance charges will apply.)

Three-Way Calling
Three-way calling allows you to add a third person to your conversation—local or long distance.

Speed Calling
Speed Calling allows you to call frequently dialed numbers with the touch of a button. You can select a short list of eight telephone numbers or a long list of 30 telephone numbers. This is a fast way to call for help—just have 911 as one of your speed call selections!

Caller ID
With Caller ID, the name and number of the party calling you will be shown on your display telephone and on your TV if you subscribe to AcenTek Video service. (Some numbers will not be displayed if the calling party blocks their number or if their telephone company does not have the necessary equipment to handle Caller ID.)

Call Waiting ID
With Call Waiting ID, you will see who is calling you when you are on the phone and hear the “beep-beep” to indicate a second call is waiting. To utilize Call Waiting ID, you need the Caller ID and Call Waiting features on your line, and a compatible display phone or add-on unit.

Last Call Return
Last Call Return gives you the telephone number of your last caller, the time and date of the call, and the option to recall that number.

Priority Call
With Priority Call, you set up a list of telephone numbers that you would like to ring in a short-long-short ringing pattern. This lets you know that someone special is calling. If you have Call Waiting, you will have a distinctive Call Waiting tone also.

Repeat Dial
Repeat Dial automatically redials the last busy number you called.

Anonymous Call Rejection
When you have Caller ID, this service will route any incoming call that has its telephone number blocked to a recording that states you are not accepting blocked calls.

Selective Call Acceptance
With this service, you create a list of telephone numbers based on which calls you want. Callers not on the list will be routed to an announcement informing them their call is not being accepted at this time. Your selected calls will have a specialized ring.

Selective Call Forwarding
This service allows you to create a list of telephone numbers, and program a forwarding number. When someone on your list calls you, their call will ring at a forwarded phone.

Selective Call Rejection

This service allows you to block numbers. You can either block selected numbers ahead of time or block unwanted calls. In either case, the caller is rerouted to a recorded message and your phone does not ring.


This service is easy to set up; answers when you’re away, on your phone, or on the Internet; allows you to check your messages from home or away from home; has no machine for you to maintain.